Guerrilla Marketing – what and how is it beneficial?

Several kinds of techniques have been developed in the realm of marketing and each of them has their own set of advantages. A business has to find different kinds of ways to promote its brand or product. Unless it is not focusing on the conventional marketing strategies, the chances of getting a widespread promotion will be nothing but a dream. One kind of marketing that has been abuzz in the arena of brand promotion and advertisement is guerilla marketing. It has been adopted by many developing businesses around the world and the results are far reaching as well.

What is guerilla marketing?

Originally coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, this mode of advertisement was inspired by the guerilla warfare, a kind of war strategy that uses small tactical strategies and irregular warfare that was used by armed civilians. What it usually signified was a group of armed people who used to take on their enemies through elements of surprise, sabotage, ambushes and raids. In marketing, the use is quite similar, but excluding the violence for sure.
Guerilla marketing can, therefore, be describes as a highly conventional strategy that attempts to take the consumer by surprise. A high energetic and sudden buzz makes a valuable impression in front of the customers. Other than traditional or digital advertisement methods, this marketing technique focuses on striking a chord with the consumers on a more personal level.

How is it beneficial?

In the purview of engagement marketing, it all finally comes down to the reach of the brand that was made possible with the advertisement. A hefty investment insures that your ad will create some buzz. However, if you are able to create the similar echelon of buzz with a low investment, consider it a job done by guerilla advertisement. This kind of marketing is considered highly ideal by startups and companies that need a high quantum of awareness without feeling the need to break their bank. These can be the best options for grassroots marketing campaigns and has a far reaching effect as compared to the other ideas of outdoor advertising.

Creating a video that goes viral on the internet, scaring people with some ultimatum and later revealing that it was a spoof, etc., are some random example of this kind of marketing. This format might sometime also make use of important personalities and ask them to make a statement that would induce a discussion among her/his fans and followers. However, this is not something that you can compare with the concept of brand ambassadors.

It can be carried out with the help of promotional staffs of an engagement marketing company. The use of promo staffs depend on the kind of strategy one is going to use. The advertisement company is responsible for coming up with innovative ideas that will be able to create a surprise element so that the targeted market reacts to it. Make sure you find the most proactive company that will be able to come up with ideas that can help bring your product into the limelight. is a marketing agency that you can rely on for all your marketing and promotional needs. We are known for our highly impressive guerilla marketing techniques that will surely give a boost to your Brand Ambassador.



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